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Bra Size

How To Measure Bra Size
by: Galia Ivanova

Do you know how to measure your bra size?

Do you know what your bra size is? Of course you do, otherwise how do you shop for a new bra, right? But do you know that measuring your bra size every six months is absolutely necessary?

If you don’t measure your bra size every six months you risk buying yourself an uncomfortable bra. That happens often when you shop online. Well, you can return the product if it does not fit you, but you can also save yourself a lot of time and troubles just by measuring your bra size every six months.

You want to know how to find you bra size now, but you are not sure how exactly to do it? I am her to help you, it is very easy.

Measuring bra size

Your bra size combines two sizes - your Band size (Band measurement) and your Cup size (Cup measurement).

For example: a bra size of “36B” combines the two sizes – “36” (Band size) and “B” (Cup size).

First you should measure your band size - the numeric portion in your bra size (ex: the “36” in “36B”). Here is how to:

Measure under your arms, high on your back, around the top of your chest.

If this measurement is an even number (assume 36 inches) that is your band size.

If this measurement is an odd number (assume 35 inches) add 1 inch to find your correct band size of 36 inches.

Second you should measure your cup size – the letter portion in your bra size (ex: the ''B'' in ''36B''). Here is how to:

Put on your favorite comfortable and supportive bra and measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust.

Let us assume that you measured 38 inches.

Finally subtract your band size (36 inches) from your cup size (38 inches) that equals to 2 inches. Each inch difference represents one cup size in this example that difference is 2 inches, which equals to cup size “B”. As you may guessed you need a bra size chart to determine your correct cup size and I will give it below.

Now you know your band size (38 inches) and you found your cup size is “B”, so you can combine these two sizes into your current correct bra size of 38B.

Bra size chart

Cup size chart - actually I can’t insert a table here, so I will give you the table in a list style:

1-inch difference: A cup
2-inch difference: B cup
3-inch difference: C cup
4-inch difference: D cup
5-inch difference: DD cup
6-inch difference: DDD cup
7-inch difference: DDDD cup
8-inch difference: FF cup


To conclude properly I must tell you that bra sizes differ according to the country of the bra manufacturers.


European E cups equal to American DDD cups, unless otherwise indicated.

French E cups equal to USA DD cups, and French F cups equal to USA DDD cups.

One more thing for all women, who measure their band and cup sizes into centimeters. Keep in mind that 1 inch equals to 2.54 centimeters, so after measuring your band and cup sizes, divide them by 2.54 and you will find your band and cup sizes in their inch equivalents.


Your band size in centimeters is 92 divided by 2.54 is about 36.22, ignore the fraction and you have your band size of 36 inches. If you ever get an odd number, add “1” to find your correct band size.

Your cup size in centimeters is 97 divided by 2.54 is about 38.19, ignore the fraction and your cup size is 38 inches.

You already know the rest. I know I got into too many mathematical operations, so I am really sorry, but it just could not do without them.

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